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  • Teaching that May Involve Praising False Religions or Dieties to Students Date: 2-9-2019

    Assalam Alaykum, I am a tuition teacher I have to teach subjects like Maths , English , Science , Social Science and Some Language Subjects Like Odia,Urdu ,Hindi and Sanskrit - Question Arises here is that some of the topics from language subjects contains shirk and kufr - Praising of Hindus false Deities and Some concepts that goes against Islam -.. More

  • Clarification about Verse 60:8, Whether or Not It Is Abrogated Date: 2-9-2019

    As-Salamu Aleikum. I just read fatwa 395743. In the answer you said that Ibn Kathir does not agree that sura 60:8 is abrogated, yet (as is in the question to the fatwa) in tafseer Al-Jalalayn it says that sura 60:8 is abrogated. Whom shall we trust then? Whom shall we follow? Ibn Kathir who might not have added this information into his tafseer or rather.. More

  • Father Sometimes Repairs Gold Watches: Can His Son Eat from His Earnings Date: 2-9-2019

    As salam wa aliakum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh. My father repairs watches. I wanted to ask that very rarely he gets watches to put battery or to polish it which is made up of gold some of it or all of it. Is the earning permissible in that case Jazak Allah khair. .. More

  • How Hijaamah (Cupping) Benefits in Curing Magic Date: 2-9-2019

    Hijama, cure against evil? Assalam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa batakatuh, I am a newly graduated hijama practitioner and am trying to get correct understanding of the relation between hijama and evil. So many hijama practitioners tell that hijama can remove all evil including magic, ayn and jinn. I have searched in Quran and sunnah, and information.. More

  • Signing a Contact That Includes a Condition of Resorting to Man-Made Laws Date: 2-9-2019

    In order to open an online account or to install and use a software a person has to sign an "End User Licensing Agreement". The aggrements states things like in any breach in the agreement or dispute you would be taken to court or you have to follow the law of the countries like United States. As the judges of these courts follow man made laws so what's.. More

  • Definition of Riba from Quran and Hadeeth Date: 28-8-2019

    Sir Assalamu Alaikum Please I need definition of interest/Riba/Usury with quotations from the sacred Quran and or from authentic Hadith. May almighty Allah bless you .. More

  • Her Mother Married a Christian and Apostated Date: 28-8-2019

    Salaam alaykum warahmotullah. Does the rights my mother has towards me and that which I have towards her changes if she becomes a Christian? My Mum became a Christian by marrying a Christian after divorcing my Dad. When I preach to her and reinform her that Islam is the right religion with evidences and examples from the Quran and Hadith she gives.. More

  • Eating in Halal Restaurants That Also Serve Non-Halal Meat Date: 28-8-2019

    Assalam Alaikum I am a Muslim living in the United Kingdom. Need to ask about some "Halal" restaurants here, they are serving non-halal beef as well. One of our brothers here told me not to eat there as there is a risk of "cross-contamination", as they might use same knife/tools/grill for halal beef and non-halal beef without washing them. What is.. More

  • Knowing the Time of the Prayers according to Calendars Date: 27-8-2019

    Is it true that one should add 3 to 5 min to the time of sunset which is stated in newspapers and various websites (like timeunitarium.com .. More

  • Imam Abu Haneefah Was a Great Scholar Date: 28-8-2019

    Assalam Alaikum. I heard and know that Abu Haneefah and his companions were known as Ahl al rayy ( People of opinion ). Is it true that many scholars disliked Abu Haneefah and sometimes criticized him? Maybe like Al Thawri, Malik, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Al Qayyim, Ibn Hajar, Al Bukhari and his teacher, Al Shafee' and other major scholars.. More

  • The name Ash-Shaymaa’ Date: 27-8-2019

    As-sal?mu ?alaykum. Im Tharik, Sri Lankan, Please describe me about the meaning of name " SHAIMAA". Jazakallahu hairan. .. More

  • Water that Has Not Yet Touched the Impurity Remains Pure Date: 27-8-2019

    Is running water when some of it changes because of impurity, the start of it becomes impure or not?. I mean example is pouring water from a bucket, then the end or some region of the running waterhave contact with impurity and becomes impure, does all of the water that is running and the still water that is in the bucket affected?. .. More

  • Expiation for Not Fasting Should Be Given to a Muslim Date: 27-8-2019

    Assalaamu alay kum, Is fidyah for not fasting in Ramadan due to a chronic illness only to be given to a Muslim? Or can it be given also to a non-Muslim? Jazakallahu khaiyr Fazal Ibrahim Orlando, FL .. More

  • Father Who Died Took Loan With Riba and Now Relatives Refuse to Eat From Their Home Date: 27-8-2019

    Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullah, Long back we had business crisis and for that my father had taken bank loan and that bank charges some amount of interest. A said amount of money has to be paid to the bank monthly for 10 years with interest. A few years has passed already and due to the will of Allah my father died in a car accident, and now my brother.. More

  • What Is Required from a Person Who Suffers from Whispers Date: 27-8-2019

    Salaam ‘Alaykum. The scholars - including this website - always tell those who suffer from waswasah (satanic whispers, doubts) to ignore the waswasah and not pay any attention to it at all. But what do they mean by ignoring it? For example, if I constantly suffer from waswasah that my wudoo’ and salaah is for the sake of so-and-so (i.e. that I.. More